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Each month, we introduce an academic and Biblical theme. Educational themes focus on developmental objectives while Biblical themes spotlight core values and the idea that each child is a valued member of God's family. 










Colors of the Month

Our curriculum has been designed to meet the developmental needs of children at their particular stages of growth and development.  It focuses on the California Preschool Curriculum Framework and the California Preschool Learning Foundations and the principles of early childhood christian education.


The GCC staff work together to provide enriching creative experiences that motivate and excite children to learn. As a result, children will leave the center ready for kindergarten well prepared for school success.


The toddler program will recognize the need for teachers to allow a balance between independence and dependence and provide social guidelines. The teachers will encourage the acquisition of new skills. The toddler will be given opportunities to make choices and follow their interests and learn to respect others. 


Children at GCC will have ample opportunities to work with experienced early childhood teachers and experience learning activities that meet key knowledge and skill areas essential in their development. The curriculum will focus on several major areas of learning through a balance of child-initiated and teacher-directed activities, such as: 


RELIGION: Religion and values are taught through a weekly chapel experience, daily prayer, sharing of Biblical stories, singing, drama, value based curriculum and teaching children about God’s love for them and their neighbor.


ART: Children will learn to be creative through a variety of artistic experiences in various media.


COMMUNICATION: The child will communicate through listening, pre-reading and prewriting skills and certain reading skills.


DANCE, YOGA or MARTIAL ARTS: Dance, yoga or martial arts may be offered as enhanced education programs.


DRAMA: The children will learn to develop language and theatrical skills using their imagination through drama play experiences and puppets.


LANGUAGE and LITERATURE: Children will enjoy listening to a variety of age appropriate literature the teacher will provide daily. The will learn comprehension and vocabulary through discussion of the message from the reading. The child will be introduced at an appropriate time to letters and pre-writing skills.


SECOND LANGUAGE: Other languages, such as sign language, will be offered at an age appropriate level.


MATH (use of manipulatives, visual learning and computers): Children will learn beginning math skills such as patterning, sorting, counting, decimal system, and addition.


MOTOR SKILLS: Fine motor skills will be taught through math manipulatives and prewriting skills as well as art experiences. Gross motor skills will improve through playground games, dance and movement, and physical activities.


MUSIC: Children will have the opportunity to learn songs, use instruments and learn rhythm.


PHONICS: Children will be taught phonics as a precursor to reading.


SCIENCE: Children will learn about science through experiments, their senses, classification skills and enjoyment of God’s creation. Subjects taught will be astronomy, biology, botany, chemistry, computer usage, geology, and physics.


Each of these programs will be offered under the standard tuition. In addition, certain enhanced programs may be offered for a fee.

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