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Q:  When will Geneva Children's Center reopen?

The Geneva Presbyterian Church campus will remain closed through the end of May as will Geneva Children's Center.  The decision to reopen will be made by the Geneva Presbyterian Church session based on recommendations from the CDC, Governor's office, Orange County Health Department and the Department of Social Services Community Care Licensing.

Q:  Is the GCC taking new registrations for the time when the school reopens?

Yes!  If you are interested in enrolling complete this Parent Information Form and GCC Director, Sherry Hoselton, will contact you to discuss your families needs and enrollment availability.

Q:  When the GCC reopens will that change my child's enrollment?

No.  All current GCC students will remain enrolled.

Q:  What are the government guidelines for reopening?

Recommendations include social distancing, children wearing masks as much as possible, ongoing hand washing and use of hand sanitizer and daily temperature checks. 

Q:  What precautions will the GCC be taking upon reopening to ensure child safety?

The GCC will adhere to the government guidelines listed above with the addition of the following:  1) rubber gloves worn by staff,  2) ongoing cleaning/sanitizing of classrooms, bathrooms and outdoor play equipment,  and, 3) modified drop off and pick up to minimize gatherings.

Q:  Will my child's daily schedule remain the same?

Yes. The only changes made will be with families who requested changes prior to the pandemic.

Q:  Will my child return to the same classroom?

Not necessarily.  There are many new factors to consider upon the GCC reopening especially when trying to accommodate social distancing.  Classroom ratios, mixed age groupings, days of enrollment, staffing, development stages of children – all of these things will be considered.  Whatever the "new normal" will be at the GCC, please know that we are doing our best to keep your children safe and healthy.

Q:  How do you enforce social distancing with preschoolers?

To be honest, this will be a challenge.  Possibilities may include smaller class sizes which may affect new enrollment.  It may result in reduction of staff and/or staffing hours.  

Q:  When are other preschools in the area reopening?

The schools near GCC are considering opening sometime this summer but each school has their own factors to consider based on the type of programs offered, need, scheduling, etc.. They, like the GCC, are trying to weigh the needs of our community with the guidelines from the state.

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